• SATA and PHY

  • sata_solutionsSilicon Image is the leading supplier of discrete SATA devices, having shipped millions of SATA-based chips that have been incorporated into hundreds of motherboard and add-in card designs. As a key sponsor of SATA PlugFests, Silicon Image has tested interoperability and compliance against the major SATA drives and motherboards in the industry. Silicon Image offers multiple core configurations: two and four-port SATA 1 (1.5 Gbps) and SATA II (3 Gbps) host and device-side logic cores (link, transport and interface logic) and a PHY core.

    Silicon Image offers SATA HOST and Device core IP which include the digital logic and analog PHY. The SATA Host core is ideal for set top boxes, personal video recorders, PCs, Storage systems, RAID and network attached storage. The SATA Device core is ideal for disk drives, port multipliers, storage systems, RAID and network attached storage.

  • Serial ATA Host Core

    SATA I and II Host Cores



    The SATA Host core includes the Link and Transport digital logic and analog PHY with configurations fully compliant with the SATA I and II specifications.  It is ideal for system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs for set top boxes, PC systems, storage systems and RAID systems.  The Host core support internal PCI, PCI-X or ARM AMBA bus interfaces.  Configurations include single, dual and quad channels with bus master DMA rates of 1.5 and 3.0 Gbps burst rates.


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