• VRS® ClearView Technology

  • VRS ClearView

    Silicon Image’s proprietary VRS® ClearView™ technology performs real-time video clean-up using adaptive techniques to independently clean and scale video and graphics, greatly improving image quality.  Products that incorporate VRS Clearview technology can transform content from low-resolution, heavily compressed sources such as streaming media and downloaded Internet videos into high-quality HD video.  They can also convert SD and HD video content into extremely high-resolution 4Kx2K video, making today’s home theater equipment ready for the next generation of Ultra-HD displays.

    VRS ClearView technology incorporates a number of sophisticated image processing technologies designed to reduce compression and mosquito noise, remove edge artifacts, and enhance detail.  This is particularly important when processing lower-resolution content for viewing on an HD display, but also sharpens Blu-ray-quality video, bringing our details and nuances not visible in the original content.

    Key Features

    • Adaptive Scaler - preserves detail in the original image and includes image enhancement features such as sharpening and error correction
    • Detail and Edge Enhancement - increases the sharpness and detail of text and images to increase the depth and clarity of images on the display
    • Mosquito Noise Reduction - corrects for the hazy boundaries commonly seen in heavily-compressed video
    • Edge Smoothing - actively removes jagged or irregular edges, providing smoother boundaries as well as enhanced fine detail within an image